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  • Portugal Shines at Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2018 of World Travel Awards

    Portugal Shines at Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2018 of World Travel Awards

    Portugal was shining as it won 16 awards during the ceremony

    The 25th edition of the Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2018 of World Travel Awards took place in Lisbon, Portugal on the 1st of December.  An entity who serves to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.  The selection of the nominees is done on a global scale by the public and more than 200 thousand professionals from the tourism sector in 163 countries.

    Portugal has proven that is booming tourism is paying-off, after sweeping an array of awards at this year’s awards ceremony. In a statement from Portugal’s Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho, said she was “extremely proud to receive this distinction again”.

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  • A Modern Culinary Oasis

    South of Portugal
    A Modern Culinary Oasis

    There’s a little culinary haven in the South of Portugal that combines the art of cooking, expertise and the passion for the local food culture, providing unique foodie experiences for anyone who decides to join them.


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  • Portugal wins the Best Golf Destination

    In Europe and Worldwide 2018
    Portugal wins the Best Golf Destination

    It’s a great pleasure to announce that Portugal won the Best Golf Destination in Europe and in the World 2018 for the fifth consecutive time; the three day award ceremony took place in La Manga Club in Murcia, Spain.

    Portugal was running against leading golf destinations around the world, for the World’s Best Golf Destination Award nominees were Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, South Africa, United States and Vietnam. And for Best European Golf Destination Award the nominees were France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Spain, Turkey and Wales.

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  • Algarve wins Best Gastronomic Destination in Europe 2018

    Unveil the flavors of the region
    Algarve wins Best Gastronomic Destination in Europe 2018

    The award for the “Best European Region in Tourism and Gastronomy 2018” was given by the European council of Food and Wine Confraternities (CEUCO) in the 13th edition of Aurum Awards held in Athens.


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  • Madrid embraces you

    Opening of high-end hotels at the Spanish Capital
    Madrid embraces you

    Under the new motto of the city "Madrid embraces you / Madrid te abraza" the capital of Spain wants to enhance its image of hospitality and destination that welcomes everyone who comes to this great city looking for the wide range of services, among which stand out its impressive offer cultural (with the Prado as the flagship of the international projection of this city), its local cuisine, the environment, the friendly character of its inhabitants, and the great capacity to host major events of international prestige.

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  • Nature Festivity 2018

    Madeira Island has a unique natural environment waiting to be unveiled
    Nature Festivity 2018

    Enjoy the mystical nature of Madeira Island with a unique event happening from the 2nd until 7th of October, where Mother Nature is the main character. 

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  • Discovering the secrets of São Paulo cycling

    See São Paulo's artistic vein
    Discovering the secrets of São Paulo cycling

    Dress up your most comfortable clothes & shoes and come with Abreu Events Brazil in this fun experience, cycling with Electric Bike by São Paulo.

    São Paulo is considered the most multicultural city in Brazil and the largest urban center in the world, allowing you to experience an incredible "cauldron" of culture.

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