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  • World Travel Awards 2020

    World Travel Awards 2020

    Third Consecutive Year

    We are honored to announce that Abreu Events won the prize of Portugal’s Leading Destination Management Company for the third consecutive year, during the 27th edition of the World Travel Awards. A recognition of our work that began in 1978 and hopefully will continue to thrive for many years to come. We’ve been a case study of success that has crossed generations and constantly adapting to the new trends, always providing innovative and creative solutions.

    Apart from our company achievement, Portugal & Spain won an array of awards, from city breaks destinations to leading adventure, and Conference & Meeting Destination. Truly showing the diversity and authenticity of both countries, as well as, emphasizing what we have best to offer for your next event with Abreu Events.

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  • Staten Island

    New York Beyond Manhattan
    Staten Island

    Easily accessible by a scenic ride on the Staten Island Ferry, Staten Island, is the greenest borough and the best getaway within the City. Make sure you are wearing your most comfortable shoes to discover the charming North Shore maritime history, a fully preserved colonial village, with beautiful beaches and parks.

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  • Queens

    New York Beyond Manhattan

    Queens is a diverse and peculiar quarter with a mind-blowing food scene, which ranges from exquisite Greek Souvlaki to the best hot pot outside Sichuan.

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  • Brooklyn

    New York Beyond Manhattan

    Being the first neighborhood in New York to be landmarked, Brooklyn history and hipsters are perfect combined, every style has a place, along with live music, eclectic places to eats, pro sports, immigrant history and world-class culture, without forgetting the majestic Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn is so big, that’s presently the fourth largest city in the United States, just after New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

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  • The Bronx

    New York Beyond Manhattan
    The Bronx

    The Bronx is the northernmost neighborhood, birthplace of hip-hop and home to the New York Yankees, surrounded by hundreds of acres of parkland. North Bronx will take you back to Italy, especially on Arthur Avenue, where every shop has a different and delicious culinary treat to taste. Nearby Arthur Avenue, many blocks are transformed from Thursday to Sunday, into an outdoor piazza for alfresco dining where you can enjoy the perfect Italian meal.

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  • Spanish Capital is Incredibly Green

    Outdoor activities & Private Events in Parks
    Spanish Capital is Incredibly Green

    Cities are increasingly committed to sustainability, Madrid is one of those European capitals that has been consistently improving and developing green spaces, for the perfect balance between modern urbanism and nature.

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  • The Sunny Island

    Santa Maria Island
    The Sunny Island

    Santa Maria is commonly referred to as the Sunny Island of the Azores, due to its geographically position is has a warmer weather than any other sister islands. Santa Maria island is a mere 20 minutes by plane from São Miguel, and 02 hours by ferry, being a perfect add-on to your trip to unveil the Azores. The volcanoes that first formed Santa Maria have had time to erode into pleasant rolling hills with green pastures, yellow crops or dark ochre soils, endless combinations of colorful flowers, white-washed houses by secluded bays and dramatic sea cliffs.

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