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Valencia is considered the Mediterranean capital, surrounded with astonishing cathedral, paradisiac beaches, renaissance churches, one of the most avant-garde architecture in Europe, mouthwatering seafood and red wine.

One can say that visiting Valencia for the first time, will amaze you, by the magnificent setting of the city that carefully blends the modernity and the ancient by the seaside, as well as, safeguarding the centenary traditions. Strolling through the city, you’ll amaze yourself with architectural masterpieces by the famous Spanish architect Calatrava, known for the notorious Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Other magnificent contemporary buildings also grace the city with fabulous modernista buildings, great museums and characterful old quarter.

Its peculiar setting makes Valencia, continues in its food scene as its surrounded by “huertas”, a fertile zone of market garden, not forgetting the rice dishes like paella, but its bubbling dining scene offer plenty more options.
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