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Seville is a passionate city on the south of Spain situated on the Banks of the Guadalquivir River with strong Moorish heritage.

This city has the power to awake the senses with its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage. Don’t be surprised if you hear echoing sound of flamenco in the quaint neighborhood of Triana.

Seville’s historical center will leave you overwhelmed with its rich and gorgeous monuments including the cathedral, the Palace of the Reales Alcázares, Calle Sierpes, and Plaza Nueva. Or moving further out and seeing the beautiful white and yellow building of Maestranza bullring along with its museum and a few steps away the famous Maestranza theatre. Not to mention the charming Jewish quarter – Barrio de la Santa Cruz with its narrow alleyways splashed with whitewashed houses leading to picture-perfect patios...

When it comes to satisfying the soul, Seville is a maze-like with delicious tapas bars, restaurants or terraces serving refreshing cocktails.
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