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One of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto, or the “Cidade Invicta” as it’s commonly referred to, has everything from history, contemporary architecture and art, culture, gastronomy.

A city protected by a World Heritage site status that matches in a unique way its historic heart, its vintage charming riverside suburb and contemporary architecture.

In this city it’s possible to find institution of a bygone era as “Palacio da Bolsa” “Lello” famous bookshop and “Café Majestic”, next to Baroque churches, innovative spaces, avant-garde hotels and trendy restaurants. Porto represents a symbol of Portuguese gastronomy with its well-known port wine and its cuisine, the city offers the chance to discover its tasty side by visiting the wine-cellars enjoying the breath-taking landscapes of the Douro valley.

Porto is a continuous discovery, a city with a unique allure.
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