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Madeira Islands, called the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, are a lost paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with spectacular scenery in the form of dramatic sea cliff, blue waters and intriguing primordial rawness.

This magical land is a real heaven for hikers and trekkers with its famous levada walks, trails that runs alongside a network of irrigation mini-canals, and its World Natural Heritage protected status forests. As well as, offering a range of activities from adrenaline-fuelled jeep safari to spotting dolphins.

However, the richness of Madeira unwinds in their streets, unique monuments bubbling with heritage and distinct beauty, and distinctive colour scheme can be seen in the municipal market. It’s gastronomy that consists of a combination of fresh regional products and traditional traits from their ancestors. Not to mention, the Madeira wine, that is produced on the island, a complex aromas and distinct taste, gaining worldwide notoriety.
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