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Lisbon is the city seven hills overlooking the Tagus River, a place that combines amusements, comforts, innovation, culture, as well as, unveiling its beautiful nature and history.

Lisbon’s versatility is a delicious blend between traditional and modern, its heart-stopping views reveal the city in all its beauty with Roman and Moorish ruins, white cathedrals, grand squares with charming cafés and restaurants. Whereas other parts of town, are thriving with a cutting-edge aura with contemporary buildings, bohemian bars and riverside clubs.
Its narrow cobblestone streets, also safeguard, a rich heritage and traditions, for giving birth to Fado, a melancholic and poetic music.

Its outskirts couldn’t be any different, scatted with picturesque towns all preserving its own treasure. The common element is nature, Sintra has verdant mountains guard its fairy-tale town, Cascais is commonly referred to as the Portuguese Riviera – a charming fisherman village and Estoril Coast has luxurious landscapes overlooking the sea.

Not to mention, the World Heritage Sites, scattered around Lisbon and its outskirts.
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