Abreu Events

Abreu Events Renews Its Clean & Safe Membership

Abreu Events Renews Its Clean & Safe Membership

Abreu Events Renews Its Clean & Safe Membership

You're safe with us. Take a deep breath and enjoy your event.

We want to make sure that your events are safe and unforgettable. Enjoy your conference safely.
Abreu Events is a Clean & Safe member and renewed its membership in 2021, which means that it complies with the requirements of the Seal according to the guidelines of the Portuguese Health Authority (DGS).
As Clean & Safe members we ensure:

All employees received specific training, follow the internal protocol and apply the following procedures:

Personal protection - using appropriate protective equipment;
Hand hygiene - frequent and effective washing is guaranteed and providing antiseptic solutions for customers' use, whenever justified;
Respiratory etiquette - avoiding the possible spread of contagion;
Social conduct - safeguarding the social distance between employees and customers;
Daily monitoring for fever assessment - paying attention to any symptoms;
Cleaning of surfaces and proper treatment of clothing - reinforcing disinfection measures and their frequency (several times a day), with a special focus on surfaces and objects in common use.

Within the establishments, DGS rules will be applied regarding:

Maximum occupancy
Social distance
Distribution of information in digital / online support
Hygiene and safety protocols
Renovation of indoor air
Procedures for suspected infection

The measures will be adapted according to the evolution of the pandemic and possible changes in the legislation and rules defined by the Portuguese Health Authority (DGS).

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For more information on Clean & Safe procedures, please refer to the link available on the QR Code, or click on the direct access button to the website.




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