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Pamper your guests with a souvenir
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Pamper your guests with a souvenir

OApart from making your event a success, you can also make your event memorable by giving guests personalized and customized gifts. These can be asked to put in their hotel room or given at a specific location as award prize.

What can these gifts be?

We’ve a wide range of solutions that are customized and adaptable, ranging from:
  • Gift Boxes
  • Gourmet Gifts
  • Ceramic & Crystal Gifts
  • Iconic Souvenirs from the country of your event
  • Stationery Gifts
  • Accessories Gifts (Key rings, bags, hats, t-shirts)
  • Jewellery
  • Beauty Gifts (Soups & Perfumes)
  • Personalized Books

Why include gifts in your event?

  • A unique gesture that will ensure every guest feels welcomed and irreplaceable.
  • A manner of raising awareness of the location of the event, these local gifts can be original.

All of the above statements contribute to making your event distinctive and unforgettable.
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