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Mystical Emerald Jewels

Mystical Emerald Jewels

Sustainability Awards in Azores

The Azores islands offer iconic landscapes with never-ending views and savagely beautiful nature, that’s been carefully blended with a fascinating history and rich culture.

In order to preserve all the natural beauty of the Azores, the government and local entities been following and promoting sustainability with a rich and protected geodiversity and marine life, natural areas have well-regulated hiking trails, as well as, an “eco-school”.
These magnificent islands have won the following sustainability prizes over the years:

1. 100 Most Sustainable Destinations in the World for the fifth consecutive year.
2. ITB Earth Awards in 2019.
3. Portugal won as Best of Europe in 2019 with the following locations Águeda, Oeste Region, Azores, Cascais, Lagos, Sintra, Torres Vedras and Alto Minho.
4. Platinum Award as the Quality Coast in 2017, 2016 and 2014.
5. Gold Award as the Quality Coast in 2014.

Experience the natural beauties of the Azores are paragliding, horseback riding, canyoning, diving, swimming with dolphins, hiking among others.

It’s nearly impossible to define the true essence and enchantment of these islands; one may only start to understand it, once they’ve experienced the wonders of this place… Abreu Events can design an incredible experience for you.