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We are currently living in a digital era, as such Abreu Events can provide you with quick and access to all your event information, documents, schedule, maps, online chats, as well as, promoting networking among guests.

Mobile application can be the ideal solution for your event.
Our mobile app is available on the following platforms, APP store and Google Play.
Aplicação Móvel Abreu Events - Versão iOS

Aplicação Móvel Abreu Events - Versão Android


  • Online Reservation

    We can provide information about optional tours available for your event; guests will be able to reserve a space for the tour by filling in our form and paying online.

  • Content Sharing

    Apart from the general information and program, the mobile application allows the hosting and sharing of different files with all guests.

  • Networking

    Integrated with LinkedIn and Facebook, the Contact List and Private chat functionalities enable a facilitate networking and contact sharing a contact between guests.

  • Cost Reduction

    Avoid printing costs for flyers or other documents as a way to warn about program changes or other information related to your event. The mobile application allows you to instantly update content and send warning messages to all users.

Mobile Application Features
Related to your Incentives:

  • Program

    Access the complete program of activities and meetings. Sort by date, category and interest, with the possibility of filtering by category and making notes on meetings.

  • News

    Publication of news related to the event, with the possibility of ordering by category.

  • Favourites

    Participants can bookmark contents of your event, these can be program, speakers, places and so on.

  • Map

    Shows participants the location of the event by using GPS or data network to guide them and give them directions to the venue or other points of interest.

  • Points of Interest

    Participants can see the points of interests related to their event and/or cultural monuments around them. It can guide them to the selected point of interest through GPS or data network.

  • Sponsorships

    Can increase the revenue of your event by getting collaborating companies to sponsor the application, in counterpart their logo can appear on the main screen of the application, send a promotional messages to all users among other advantages.

Mobile Application Features
Related to your Meeting or Large Conventions:

  • Users Profile

    All users of the application can create a profile with a photo, contacts, and social networks links. Also allowing users to consult a list of participants thus promoting networking before, during and after the event.

  • Social Networks

    It’s possible to connect the speakers and users profile in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flicker and Youtube.

  • Chat

    An opportunity for participants to send messages in real time. The application will use the notification system from the participants phone to notify the user of new incoming messages.

  • Wall Posts

    Space dedicated to sending questions or comments by users on themes related to your event.

  • Speakers

    If applicable to your event, we can have list of guest speakers with a small summary about the company she/he works for, function, e-mail, social network profile and more. It is also possible to filter by name.

  • Documents

    If applicable to your event, possibility of posting documents which are useful to the participants of your event. It can be documents of various formats, such as, PDFs, images, word documents and so on.

  • Advertisements

    A unique way to boost the visibility of sponsors for your event with creative ads that users can see throughout the application.

  • Questionnaires

    A good way to get feedback about your event by creating a questionnaire that’s sent to all participants. The results are then made available to the organization of the event.

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