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The most Latin city in the United States, this staggering city is located in the Sunshine State and home to many celebrities. But if you think Miami is only for shopping and enjoying its nightlife, you’re mistaken; Miami has an intriguing cultural facet.

To stimulate your mind and knowledge of the city, visit a few museums such as, Art Museum, Science Museum, Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

When it comes to art galleries Lincoln Avenue is the place to be, it’s filled with notorious galleries. Another interesting point to visit is Wynwood, where the streets come to life with colorful paintings on the walls.

Don’t miss out on the bars and nightclubs scattered along the coast line. On the South Beach sidewalk, along the famous Ocean Drive Avenue there’s everything from salsa and hip-hop to live rock music to electronic music.

Mile after mile of sparkling waters, golden sands, tanned tourists, celebrity-studded hotels, nonstop nightlife.
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