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Portugal is lifting its state of emergency Abreu Events working on a risk management procedure

Portugal is lifting its state of emergency Abreu Events working on a risk management procedure

Last Friday 30th of April, our Prime Minister António Costa, announced a three stage plan to start releasing the country from its state of emergency. It’s a sector-by-sector plan to ease our 6 weeks lockdown. Below is an overview of the plan, but it’s important to emphasise, it will only proceed to the next stage, if number of COVID-19 continue to decrease.

Stage 1 - From the 4th of May will start the opening of local shops, hairdressers, beauty salon, car dealerships, libraries and book shops.
Stage 2 – From the 18th of May includes the opening of cafés, restaurants, kindergartens and classes for senior secondary school students, monuments, museums and palaces. Limited domestic and European flights.
Stage 3 – From 1st of June includes the opening of shopping centres, bars, cinemas, auditoriums, theatres and gyms. Some airlines will start with more regular flights
The Portuguese approach to the virus has been hailed as a success; our government declared a lockdown with only 112 emergency confirmed cases of Covid-19. Until the 1st of May, there were a total amount of 25,045 confirmed cases, or 2.43 cases per 1,000 people, until now, it’s been recorded 1.080 deaths due to the virus. Moreover, Portugal also has one of the highest testing rates worldwide with 37,000 tests per million people. Our reproduction rate of Covid-19 is balancing in between 0.7 to 0.94, meaning that each person with the virus passes it onto less than one other person.

The Portuguese government and Tourism board are currently preparing a series of regulations for the sector – which should be released by next week.  However, there are a few regulations that have been revealed:

Public Transportation – 50% of its capacity and mandatory use of mask.
Restaurants - 50% of its overall capacity and can stay opened until 23:00.
Hotels & tourism entertainment companies - will be obtaining a “Clean & Safe” stamp, which means the establishment are complaint of the hygiene and cleaning requirements to prevent COVID-19 and other possible infections with regular audits by an official authorized independent organization.
Stores - are slowly opening and it is mandatory the use of masks while inside.
Golf Courses - keep social distance of 2 meters and tee time reservation is mandatory.

Abreu Events Portugal is working on a risk management procedure, with safety measures enforced to our suppliers which will include transportation, entertainment, guides, restaurants and venues, in order to comply with all necessary safety measure procedures for our operations.


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