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Beach clubs are the new in The new way of enjoying the “Carioca” lifestyle!

Beach clubs are the new in The new way of enjoying the “Carioca” lifestyle!

The new trend of the “Cidade Maravilhosa” is unique beach clubs; it can be the perfect scenario for your next event. It came to enhance, as well as, allow visitors to experience, the Carioca lifestyle of layback mindset with an enchanting sound of samba whilst enjoying their beautiful location around town.

Enjoy these locations during the day we can easily adapt it for beach and watersports activities, such as standup paddle, Jet Skis, foot volley or football. Enrich the experience by having a delicious Brazilian barbecue with caipirinhas and samba music on the background or have a band playing live.

For the evenings, we can recreate the perfect luau scenario, arriving close to the sunset time, having fire torches at the outdoors, pool candle lights, high tables around the pool, a lovely Bossa Nova band playing… It will give your guests the opportunity to enjoy the incredible scenery of the Carioca hills and ocean. Throughout the evening we can have a cocktail dinnatoire to showcase the best delights from the Brazilian cuisine.

As many places around the world beach parties are not permitted in Rio, as they are public spaces, but these beach clubs are wonderful alternatives to create beach parties ambiences with a unique infrastructures around it.


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Abreu Events is a brand within the Abreu Travel Group that carefully embraces corporate events, meetings and incentives, as well as, launching new products or brands.

Through our legacy, Abreu Events – Meetings & Incentives, acquired a dominant position in the marketplace due to its unique approach that provides creative and innovative solutions at a competitive rates, exceptional professional expertise and ensuring excellent services.

Abreu Events – Meetings & Incentives assures a pleasant time whilst delivering your objectives with a personalized and efficient services in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and the United States.
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