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25th IIBA Conference International Conferences Organized by Abreu Events

25th IIBA Conference International Conferences Organized by Abreu Events

The 25th IIBA International Conference will take place at Vimeiro, Torres Vedras, Portugal, from 22nd to 26th May 2019. The conference will feature five information packed days filled with insightful keynote presentations, interactive workshops, great networking opportunities and much more.

  The title of the Conference "A bioenergetic view of love, healing, connection and authenticity" highlights very relevant themes in a world which is changing too fast. People's lives are undergoing profound changes they may not understand. In many countries there are precarious economic and social conditions and the expectations for the younger generations are uncertain. People's inner landscapes have also changed, even more precocious forms of narcissism are present and pervasive, and traumatic attachments destroy the possibility of secure connections.

All this invites the conference attendees to reflect, update their therapeutic practice in continuity with a more theoretical model, were Bioenergetic Analysis has much to say and to offer both from a therapeutic and from a sociological perspective.

As organizer of the event, Abreu Events is responsible for the registrations, secretariat, accommodation, meeting rooms, meals and transportation.

Learn more about the 25th IIBA International Conference at: http://www.iiba-conference.org/


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