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ABC5 CONFERENCE Abreu Events organizes for the 5th time the ABC Conference

ABC5 CONFERENCE Abreu Events organizes for the 5th time the ABC Conference

Over 1,400 participants are expected in Lisbon, November 14-16, 2019, at the international conference ABC5 (The International Consensus Conference for Advanced Breast Cancer).

ABC5 is the fifth edition of the conference organized by Abreu Events, whose main objective is the development of international consensus for the treatment of ABC patients (advanced breast cancer), being the world reference conference in this area.
  The ABC Conference also hosts the ABC Award, where the researcher, doctor, nurse or patient who has made a remarkable and striking contribution to the field of advanced breast cancer is recognized.

The ABC conference has been gaining increasing importance and international dimension, where previous events ABC1 (800 participants), ABC2 (1,000 participants), ABC3 (1,200), ABC4 (1,300) are constantly being surpassed with the help of Abreu Events’ congress solutions.

Learn more about the ABC5 conference at www.abc-lisbon.org


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