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Boho and Luxurious Properties at South of Portugal Unique Boutique Hotels

Boho and Luxurious Properties at South of Portugal Unique Boutique Hotels

The Algarve region is composed by vivid colours from the mountain, sea and cliffs that stand out as golden highlights. Each region has its own charm and unique manner of welcoming you… On the southernmost point of Portugal, is a unique property located in a lush green pine forest and deep blue sea in the background, considered in 2014 by CNN one of Europe’s best new boutique hotels. Praia Verde Hotel expels a perfect relaxing environment featuring 65 rooms and suites with plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies. There’s something that makes you feel at home here and yet you can’t describe it, whether you’re in lobby market which integrates various functions in a unique space including bar, grocery store and lounge area or at their delicious Mediterranean restaurant the home and cozy feel is the same. There’s another hidden gem, Vila Monte Hotel, a boho and chic farm-like setting surrounded by citrus trees, olive groves and pink bougainvillea over 9 hectares. You can say it’s a typical Algarve style appeal with whitewashed surfaces and natural wood to create bright yet peaceful ambiences. The same vibe is felt in the 55 rooms with neutral colours and a natural touch like a tree-trunk coffee tables, coconut-husk rugs and hand-carved light fittings. There are two distinct and delicious restaurants in the property, one serves natural and seasonal products in their menu and the other will take through a journey of the “Algarvean” delights.

Both properties are relatively close to one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, Ria Formosa, a unique costal lagoon that’s constantly changing due to the continuous movements of winds, currents and tides. However, what doesn’t change here is 18 000 hectares, protected from the sea by 5 barrier-islands and two peninsulas.  There are a few unforgettable activities you can do here, you can navigate its waters until you reach an oyster production area, where you can taste the freshest oyster accompanied by a good wine.  For those wanting to be more in touch with nature, you can horse ride through the forest,  gazing at a unique setting of pine and cork trees with their vibrant orange colours and at time smelling in the air thyme, eucalyptus and orange blossoms. Another option to appreciate the beauty of this area is to dine in one of the delicious restaurants along Ria Formosa promenade…


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Abreu Events is a brand within the Abreu Travel Group that carefully embraces corporate events, meetings and incentives, leisure, as well as, launching new products or brands.

Through our legacy, Abreu Events – Destination Management, acquired a dominant position in the marketplace due to its unique approach that provides creative and innovative solutions at a competitive rates, exceptional professional expertise and ensuring excellent services.

Abreu Events – Destination Management assures a pleasant time whilst delivering your objectives with a personalized and efficient services in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and the United States.
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Abreu Events Destination Management
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