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Art and Wine, now in one creative activity Anywhere in Spain

Art and Wine, now in one creative activity Anywhere in Spain

Immerse yourself in a unique activity where creation, learning, and socializing reach new heights. Art and Wine are seamlessly blended into a one-of-a-kind experience, here, you'll enjoy moments brimming with creativity, while savoring a delightful glass of wine.
  At the core of this adventure are two exciting components: art and wine. From crafting your own masterpiece to tasting selected wines, every moment is an opportunity to explore and relish.

The experience begins with the freedom to express yourself artistically. Whether you're an expert or taking your first steps, you can choose the style, technique, and theme that inspires you. If you seek guidance or inspiration, professional artists are there to lead you, turning each stroke into an unforgettable experience.

Teachers not only share their knowledge, but provide detailed explanations and personalized assistance, but they are also present to make your experience unique. Wine is essential to the experience, but it is also possible to offer non-alcoholic options for those who prefer it, ensuring everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest. From acrylic painting to the thrilling neon painting that allows you to create in the dark, there are options for every taste.

This increasingly popular activity is perfect for any group, from the youngest to the oldest. You can join the trend at any location in Spain; fun and creativity know no bounds!
Choose your favorite wine, grab a brush, and let your imagination soar. Create a work of art, you never imagined you could achieve… dare to experience Art and Wine!


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Abreu Events is a brand within the Abreu Travel Group that carefully embraces corporate events, meetings and incentives, leisure, as well as, launching new products or brands.

Through our legacy, Abreu Events – Destination Management, acquired a dominant position in the marketplace due to its unique approach that provides creative and innovative solutions at a competitive rates, exceptional professional expertise and ensuring excellent services.

Abreu Events – Destination Management assures a pleasant time whilst delivering your objectives with a personalized and efficient services in Portugal andSpain.
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Abreu Events Destination Management
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  • Cascais Convention Bureau
  • Porto Convention Bureau
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