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Flights forecast to Portugal in the following months AA, TAP, Easyjet, Ryanair

Flights forecast to Portugal in the following months AA, TAP, Easyjet, Ryanair

As soon as the holidays festivities are over, airlines started to announce their new routes or additional flights to their fixed destinations for 2023.
  American Airlines
From March 27th until October 28th American Airlines will have daily flights from Philadelphia to Lisbon. American Airlines Corporate and Channel Sales Manager for Portugal and Spain explains that if the operation is successful, the route could become annual for the company.

TAP announced for 2023 17 new international flights during the European Summer from June to September, these include additional flights to existing routes or even new routes, 10 flights to the United States, 6 flights to Brazil and 1 to Venezuela, all departing from Lisbon.

United States
Boston will have 14 flights per week.
Miami will have 10 flights per week.
San Francisco will have 5 flights per week.
Washington D.C. will have 10 flights per week.

Belém will have 2 weekly flights per week.
Belo Horizonte will have 7 flights per week.
Salvador will have 6 flights per week.
Brasilia will have 6 flights per week.
São Paulo will have 20 flights per week.

Caracas will have 3 flights per week.

TAP will also be announcing soon international flights from Porto, Portugal.

Ryanair announced 18 new routes to Porto and Faro for the European summer, presently the flights frequency for each destination is still unknown.

From Faro (Algarve) you’ll have Aarhus (Denmark), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Exeter (UK), Frankfurt Hahn (Germany), Roma Fiumicino (Italy) and Toulouse (France).

From Porto (Portugal) you’ll have Bristol (UK), Leeds (UK), Castellon (Spain), Maastricht (Holland), Nimes (France), Strasburg (France), Shannon (Ireland), Stockholm (Sweden), Trapani (Italy), Turim (Italy), and Wroclaw (Poland).

EasyJet will also be reinforcing their routes for 2023, the flight frequency hasn’t been announced to all destinations yet. For those coming to Lisbon, the airline will now be operating in terminal 1 instead of terminal 2.

Lisbon Airport will have flights commencing in January to Fuerteventura (Spain), Gran Canary (Spain), and Marseille (France). In February to Burmingham (UK), Bilbao (Spain) and Tenerife (Spain). In March to Bastia (Corsica, Maiorca (Spain, Menorca (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Marrakech (Morocco), Rennes (France), and Toulouse (France). In Abril to Ibiza (Spain) and in June to Glasglow (Scotland) with 2 flights per week.

Porto Airport will have flights to Naples with 2 flights per week (starting from April 1st) and Palermo with 1 flight per week (starting on June 1st).

Faro Airport will have flights to Barcelona with 2 flights per week (starting on June 26th) and Toulouse with 2 flights per week (starting on June 28th).

Funchal Airport will have flights to Paris (Charles de Gaulle) with 2 flights per week (starting on May 3rd).


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Abreu Events Destination Management
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