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Luxurious Glamping & Adventurous Activities Madeira Island

Luxurious Glamping & Adventurous Activities Madeira Island

Madeira Island, called the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, is a lost paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with spectacular scenery in the form of dramatic sea cliffs, blue waters and intriguing primordial rawness, as the result of ancient volcanic activity. The richness of Madeira also unwinds in its streets, with unique monuments bubbling with heritage and distinct beauty, contrasting with the vibrant color schemes of its municipal market.

  There’s a different niche uprising in Madeira Island with peculiar and luxurious glamping properties; it’s now possible to spend the night in the magnificent Laurel Forest – UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nature Inn is one of the finest examples, located at altitude of about 480 meters from sea level, offers glamping tents with 20m2 equipped with all the comfort for a pleasurable stay. It is also possible to host outdoor events like lunch or dinner up to 500 people, as well as, wide varieties of activities from biking to climbing. Closer to the sea, is the majestic Soul Glamping set on the hills of the island in a small village called “Jardim do Mar”. This luxurious glamping has amenities of a five stars hotel including a private Jacuzzi and a mouth-watering breakfast.

Due to Madeira’s irreplaceable green and blue heritage, the island became a true adventurous playground for endless combinations of activities mixing adrenaline with pleasure, whilst appreciating the most awe-inspiring views. There’s an incredible Natural Reserve in “Ponta de São Lourenço”, where you can do Coastering, an activity that combines rappel, climbing and jumping into the sea all in one. It’s a distinct and adventurous manner to overlooking at the bay, caves and hidden nooks with deep blue waters of Madeira. Another adrenaline based activity by the sea, boarding a boat, putting a parachute gear on and having an exhilarating sensation of flying, while enjoying a staggering view of Funchal and Câmara de Lobos Bay. On the western coast of the Island, is a place called “Paul do Mar”, where surf competitions are held due to its big waves. Complementing the perfect waves scenario is the beautiful volcanic landscape surrounding the beaches, making surfing even more pleasurable…

Inland, the island is a true oasis for canyoning, as it offers countless streams and waterfalls, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Regardless of your skill level, throughout the activity you’ll have to climb, jump, rappel, swim, cross streams using either a simple rope or full mountaineering equipment.


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