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"Pueblos" de Valencia Cities on the outskirts of Valencia

The city of Valencia is known for the great cultural and leisure offers, making it a benchmark in Mediterranean Europe. However, we want to bring you closer to other towns, also known as “pueblos” that are close to this city and have a lot to offer. These locations can be add-ons to your next event with us.

  Utiel and Requena are both known for their wine-making importance. They’re towns with a very picturesque and ancient features including caves and tunnels, many of them converted into small wineries. These destinations are especially recommended for those groups looking for unique wine experiences.

On the other hand, Gandía is a very fashionable town with magnificent beaches, and an important historical past, as one of the places of origin of the Borgia, a Spanish-Aragonese noble family with two elected Popes: Calixtus III and Alexander VI. Reason why there’re such interesting monuments in this town, such as the Ducal Palace of Gandía, the Royal Monastery of San Jerónimo de Cotalba, or the ruins of the Bairén castle.

Chulilla is perhaps an unknown town, even for the Spaniards, but it hides one of the most interesting trekking routes in the entire region: “The route of the hanging bridges”, the reservoir known as Charco Azul and the ruins of its castle.

Finally, Xàtiva is one of the destinations in the Valencia region that most surprises tourists, with an old nucleus declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1982. It came to rival Valencia in importance, during the Middle Ages and Modern Ages. In its historic center, it houses impressive buildings of all different cultures that passed through the region.


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Abreu Events is a brand within the Abreu Travel Group that carefully embraces corporate events, meetings and incentives, as well as, launching new products or brands.

Through our legacy, Abreu Events – Meetings & Incentives, acquired a dominant position in the marketplace due to its unique approach that provides creative and innovative solutions at a competitive rates, exceptional professional expertise and ensuring excellent services.

Abreu Events – Meetings & Incentives assures a pleasant time whilst delivering your objectives with a personalized and efficient services in Portugal and Spain.
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