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Adventurous Facet of the North Portugal

Adventurous Facet of the North Portugal

About an hour and half from Porto, you’ll find two distinct settings for unforgettable outdoors activities, combined with off-road 4wheel adventure, inside Arouca Geopark recognized by UNESCO as a Geological Heritage of Humanity.

Starting with Arouca 516 Bridge, one of the longest pedestrians suspended bridges in the world. Located 175 meters high above the Paiva River with a span of 516 meters and 1.2 meters wide, hold by hangers and catenaries in steel cables. Whilst crossing the suspension bridge you’ll see on opposite sides, the Aguieiras Cascade, and on the other side, Paiva Gorge a geosite and also the most famous whitewater route in Portugal, composed by a series of rapids. Then we’ll hop on the off-road 4wheel vehicles and proceed to Paiva Walkways. A wooden walkway with an extension of 8.7 km, built along the cliffs of the Paiva Gorge. Along the walkway, you’ll be amazed by the stunning and dramatic photo sceneries.  Featuring the famous zig-zag staircases, a riparian forest with tranquil waterfalls and impressive steep cliffs.


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Abreu Events is a brand within the Abreu Travel Group that carefully embraces corporate events, meetings and incentives, as well as, launching new products or brands.

Through our legacy, Abreu Events – Meetings & Incentives, acquired a dominant position in the marketplace due to its unique approach that provides creative and innovative solutions at a competitive rates, exceptional professional expertise and ensuring excellent services.

Abreu Events – Meetings & Incentives assures a pleasant time whilst delivering your objectives with a personalized and efficient services in Portugal, Spain, and the United States.
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Abreu Events Meetings & Incentives
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