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We Are a Socially Responsible Company
Corporate Social Responsibility - Abreu Events

We Are a Socially Responsible Company

Viagens Abreu Group shares a culture of social responsibility with its members by promoting the adoption of good practices whose impact can be perceived inside and outside the company.
Adhesion to the GRACE project
Abreu decided to join the GRACE Project, a non-profit association that strives to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and to expand the companies’ role in social development. At Viagens Abreu Group a set of human resource management policies was identified to enhance the welfare and social development.

These policies include:

  • Hiring processes that are responsible, non-discriminatory and aware of equal opportunities;
  • Training and continuous learning programs;
  • Subsidised education expenses for the worker’s children;
  • The Unigift gift card at Christmas with which we contribute to the UNICEF programmes.
Adhesion to the Emptyman Project
Emptyman is a project that was born with the support of Abraço. For every used ink cartridge and toner that is delivered to recycle we will be helping the nongovernmental and non-profit AIDS service organization.
This project is designed to contribute to a better environment by proposing to collect and recycle used consumables from printers, whether ink or laser.
All cartridges and toners collected by Emptyman will either be recycled or given specific treatment so that they are not placed in landfills, thus avoiding 600 years of waiting for their biodegradation.By participating in this project we contribute to a saving of natural resources essential to the preservation of life on earth.

Because preserving the Environment is preserving Life