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Unforgettable moments with unique catering solutions during your event
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Unforgettable moments with unique catering solutions during your event

We’ll create memorable moments throughout your event, allowing clients to socialize and engage with each other during coffee breaks, meals, cocktails and gala dinners.

The catering services that we can provide during your event are the following:

Coffee Breaks

Throughout your event we can provide coffee break options in unique locations allowing clients to appreciate a beautiful landscape or monument, whilst socializing and recharging their energy.


Apart from helping you selecting restaurants that meet your client desire, type of cuisine, dietary restrictions and capacity, we can also create dine around options in specific area of town where participants can choose the restaurant.


A welcome cocktail is always a perfect manner to kick-start your event, allowing clients to relax and get a taste of the location. Depending on the kind of event, it can act as a social moment, for instance at the end of a meeting where clients can exchange a few words about the topic.

Gala Dinners

A gala dinner can be the key to finishing your event with elegance and sophistication. We’ll take care of every aspect of the dinner, ranging from decoration to the selection of the meal and beverages, allowing you and your clients to enjoy your night whilst we take care of every small detail.
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