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  • World Travel Awards 2019

    World Travel Awards 2019

    Abreu Events awarded as Portugal's Leading DMC

    The 26th edition of the World Travel Awards took place Madeira Island, Portugal last June. An entity who serves to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry. The selection of the nominees is done on a global scale by the public and more than 200 thousand professionals from the tourism sector in 163 countries.

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  • International capital of southern Spain

    Seville Incentive Facet
    International capital of southern Spain

    Seville is rising as an important international alternative to other cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.  This city not only welcomes tourists that are interested in its important cultural legacy, but also the most diverse corporate events and even major international events.

    The city of Seville has always been considered a jewel of southern Europe collecting the legacies of the main civilizations in its monuments and streets and giving them that personal character that we can find in the Cathedral, in the Alcazar or in the Plaza de España.

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  • Modern traits of Bilbao

    Perfect location for your next incentive
    Modern traits of Bilbao

    Bilbao is one of Spain best kept, a thriving city with an avant-garde architectural culture, delicious Michelin Star Restaurants, flexible meeting spaces available in all major hotels with 4*and 5* hotels, however wineries and theatre can also be converted into a perfect meeting space.

    Bilbao started blossoming into the 21st century with the magnificent opening of the Guggenheim Museum, bringing the city to live. On the other hand, you have the contrast of the old quarter “El Casco Viejo” founded over 700 years ago surrounded by fortress wall safeguarding the majestic Cathedral of Santiago by the banks of Nervion River.

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  • Mesmorizing Locations for your Event

    Creative Facet of the South
    Mesmorizing Locations for your Event

    Algarve’s continues thriving with unique ideas for Gala Dinners in memorable locations, such as at the middle of the golf courses, on the beach, in a race track, on a rooftop with a sea view.

    How about a Gala Dinner at an exquisite car garage? We can create a fabulous ambience with a DJ, live band music, saxophone players, folklore (typical Portuguese act), along with a mouthwatering meal with delicacies from the South of Portugal.

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  • Historical & Modern Venues

    Pearls of Madeira Islands
    Historical & Modern Venues

    Madeira Island is a conserved triumph with breathtaking hills and profuse smell of flowers creating thought-provoking sceneries. Enhancing this scenario their venues have a delicious blend of modern and historical locations.

    Funchal’s historical roots include a 1569 religious monument featuring a stunning architecture easily molding your evening.  Strengthening these roots with ancient train station situated on a hilltop with gorgeous views, sweeping you off your feet with a glass of wine.

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  • Northeast of Brazil: Miles of incredible beaches

    Mesmorizing Natural Beauties
    Northeast of Brazil: Miles of incredible beaches

    Northeast Brazil is amazing. This region is blessed with high temperatures, lots of sun and incredible beautiful beaches.
    Salvador has a unique energy and beauty. Its African heritage can be felt in the streets, making it the most African city in the Western Hemisphere.
    Fortaleza has a happy, free and relaxed village. A tropical city where the days and nights are always very exciting. Their culture is expressed the joy of music and life that dominates in all environments.


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  • Iguassu: Falls and the triple border region

    Feel its energetic energy
    Iguassu: Falls and the triple border region

    Iguassu is probably one of the most attractive and awe-inspiring natural sites in the world. The powerful waterfalls and lavish green surroundings are a lethal combination for the eyes.

    With a natural frame of the world's most beautiful places, Iguassu Falls is virtually a Babel Tower. In addition to the Brazilians, Argentineans and Paraguayans who divide the triple border region, the city is visited by people from various corners of the planet, attracted by the 275 waterfalls of the Iguazu River, that reach 90 meters high, blessed by nature and an incredible wildlife along with adrenaline-rush boat triple, helicopter flights to see the full splendor of the falls or walkabouts allowing you feel its energy closeby.

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