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  • European Green Capital 2020

    European Green Capital 2020

    Lisbon is the first Southern European capital to win this distinction

    On 21st of June 2018, Lisbon was awarded the title of European Green Capital 2020. The distinction is the result an assessment with 12 indicators conducted by international experts, aimed to evaluate the city’s sustainability. More than 30 European cities were in the running of the title, but it was the Portuguese capital that emerged victorious. 

    The juries felt that Lisbon can be an inspiration and a role-model for many cities across Europe, clearly demonstrating that sustainability and economic growth go hand-in-hand. This is recognition of the work Lisbon has been developing over the last decade, as well as being the first time that a Southern European capital has won this distinction; Lisbon will be launching environmental initiatives throughout 2020.

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  • The New Year bought new openings to the city of the seven hills

    New incentive hotels & venues
    The New Year bought new openings to the city of the seven hills

    Beginning of a New Year equals to fantastic openings in the city of the seven hills, ranging from unique and majestic 5 stars properties that can host your next event to an emblematic venue in the heart of the historic quarter in Lisbon.

    An ancient palace built in 1533 with a library with over 18 thousand books and a museum with works by Rubens, Ticiano and Correggio is now a luxurious 5 stars property with 83 rooms and five meeting rooms. Moreover, it has a Portuguese cuisine with a Mediterranean influence featuring a direct access to the gardens, swimming pool and a spa.

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  • New locations for your next event

    Oporto Openings for 2020
    New locations for your next event

    Even though being quite a small country, Portugal is as diverse as it can be and Porto wouldn’t be any different. The New Year arrived with unique hotels where besides business; you may find relaxing moments in fabulous locations in the “city of bridges”.

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  • Pink Island of the Azores

    A natural amusement park
    Pink Island of the Azores

    Flores is described as the pink island for its beautiful landscapes filled with flowers, especially in the summer time. This island has an undulating central massif of volcanic origin dominates the whole landscape. Cones with smooth slopes rise from the top of this plateau, where craters with sharp, rocky walls have been transformed in lakes. These are the remains of a once rebellious Nature that now welcomes visitors with kindness.

    From the summit of the hill Morro Alto, one can see lush green vegetation, where the native laurissilva forest is still present. Among the intense greens of the vegetation, there are outstanding waterfalls and streams that water a natural garden of colourful flowers, where the pink of the azaleas and hydrangeas stands out.

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  • Untouched beauty of Corvo Island

    Birdwatching Wonderland
    Untouched beauty of Corvo Island

    After visiting Flores Island, you cannot miss a visit to Corvo Island, through an adventurous and very fun boat trip that lasts around 30 minutes only. During the trip you’ll be delighted with the beauties of the coastline of these two fantastic islands. Always stay alert! There’s a high possibility to receive a visit from dolphins and whales that inhabit the mesmerizing blue Atlantic Ocean!

    Corvo is the smallest island of the Azores, home to one of Europe’s smallest communities, whose traditions have been carefully preserved over the years. Folks here speak with a medieval Portuguese dialect; however the community counts with only 400 very friendly inhabitants, who leave their door unlocked, in case you need to borrow their car keys, to go for a ride.

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  • Miami & the Keys: Exceed your expectations

    Mix of International Sophistication
    Miami & the Keys: Exceed your expectations

    Explore Miami
    Miami is most famous for its amazing weather and beaches, and they are spectacular, but the city also offers many unexpected gems. The best place to start is the diverse array of neighborhoods, where visitors are encouraged to explore the cultural roots that make Miami an incredible melting pot. Discover the heritage of the Caribbean in Little Haiti, or the city’s Bahamian foundations in West Coconut Grove. Get immersed in the African-American experience of Historic Overtown or the thriving Miccosukee Native American community in South Dade.

    Art Deco on Miami Beach
    It’s not just the colorful lifestyles and fashions that bring South Beach to life. Admire the colorful architecture lining iconic streets like Ocean Drive. Springing to life in the 1920s and 1930s, and often called the American Riviera, Miami Beach Art Deco was inspired by European trends in Paris and the Mediterranean, and introduced the city to new possibilities of vibrant colors and unique design. Thanks to preservation efforts, visitors can still enjoy these eye-catching beauties. Join a walking tour at the Art Deco Welcome Center to explore the area with an expert.

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  • Louisiana: Music, food and performance arts

    Heritage of Southeastern State
    Louisiana: Music, food and performance arts

    Exploring New Orleans

    Explore New Orleans, where the food, music and architecture celebrate the region’s Creole and multicultural roots. French, Spanish and Caribbean immigrants, as well as West African slaves, settled New Orleans in the early 1700s and early 1800s. Their descendants, known as Creoles, have preserved their vibrant culture, contributing to the city’s rich diversity. Bright Creole cottages and balconied townhouses draw admirers to the French Quarter. A global array of flavors — West African okra, Native American bay leaves, French roux — mingle in hearty gumbos. Events in New Orleans are often amusingly diverse. For example, themed Mardi Gras parades spotlight everything from dogs to women’s shoes to Chewbacca.

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