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  • Short Story in English Lisboa 2018

    Short Story in English Lisboa 2018

    International Conference "Short Story in English" with Abreu Organization

    The International Conference on the Short Story in English, which will be held in Lisbon from June 27 to 30, 2018, is now in its 15th edition and counts with Abreu Events organization.

    The theme of this edition is "Beyond History: The Radiance of the Short Story" and brings writers of many nationalities to Lisbon, a city where the cultures of the world meet and stories of history unravel around every corner.

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  • Ada-Europe 2018 Conference

    23rd Edition of International Conference with Abreu Events Organization
    Ada-Europe 2018 Conference

    It is with great pleasure that Abreu Events is the organizer of the 23rd International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2018 that will take place in Lisbon.

    As per its traditional style, the conference will span a full week, including, from Tuesday to Thursday, three days of parallel scientific, technical and industrial programs, along with tutorials and workshops on Monday and Friday.

    The conference will provide an international forum for researchers, developers and users of reliable software technologies all over the world. Presentations and discussions cover applied and theoretical work currently conducted to support, the development and maintenance of reliable software systems.

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  • EHPRG 2018 High Pressure Conference

    56th International Meeting with Organization Abreu Events
    EHPRG 2018 High Pressure Conference

    EHPRG 2018 is an international meeting that brings together several scientists working on high pressure, which will take place from September 2 to 7, 2018, at the Cultural and Congress Center of Aveiro.

    This meeting, already in its 56th edition, began in 1963, when a group of scientists and engineers, involved in research in the area of high pressure, decided to meet annually. The reasonable size of the group, the selection of topics, the quality of the meetings, the low conference rates and the friendly relations among the participants made the EHPRG meetings attractive and with increasingly participant.

    High pressure research is a fast growing discipline, yielding interesting and exciting results in many fields of science, technology and biotechnology, and HPRG contributes to this development by bringing people together.

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  • Eurovision Song Contest Lisbon 2018

    Eurovision Song Contest Lisbon 2018

    Abreu Events is the official agency for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, to be held in Lisbon. Abreu Events was chosen in a public tender, and will be responsible for the logistics related to the festival's coming to Lisbon.

    As an official agency, Abreu Events is responsible for the accommodation of all Eurovision participants, including delegations, press, fans, VIPs, staff and partners.

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  • Internation Conference RRM 2018

    International Conference with Abreu Events Organization
    Internation Conference RRM 2018

    It is with great pleasure that Abreu Events is the official organizer of the international conference RMM 2018 - "Higher Education in Emergencies - Doing More, Better and Faster", to be held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon on April 5, 2018.

    The RRM 2018 conference is an initiative of the Global Platform for Support to Syrian Students of which former President Jorge Sampaio is the founder and promoter in Portugal, with the support of a central group of institutional partners, namely the Council of Europe, the League of Arab States, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Institute of International Education (IIE).

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  • Conference in Australia ANEM2018

    Conference in Australia ANEM2018

    It is with great pleasure that Abreu Events is the ANEM2018 official congress organizer, which is a first series of international conferences on nano materials and energy. The conference will be held from 12-14 December 2018 at the University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

    At ANEM2018 close to 200 participants are expected, where the aim of this edition conference is to promote the gathering of scientists, students and industry experts to exchange and enhance their knowledge and vanguard ideas for future nano and energy applications.

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  • ECOS 2018 31st Conference

    31st Edition with Abreu Events as Organizer
    ECOS 2018 31st Conference

    ECOS 2018 is an international conference about efficiency, cost, optimization, simulation and environmental impact of energy systems.

    The 31st edition will take place will be held in Vila Flor Palace Cultural Center, Guimarães, between June 17th and 22nd, 2018, and will also include a special session dedicated to an "Industrial Challenge", a forum dedicated to the discussion of energy problems from an industry perspective.

    ECOS conference aims at disseminating advanced scientific and engineering knowledge on energy conversion and efficiency.


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